Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Picture Post: Sweet Victory Edition

Welcome to Camden Yards. As my friend Gerkin put it: "It's vaguely Dickensian. 'Please sir, I want some more.'" Yes, he did go for the Twist reference. Indeedy.

O-power is how you lose to the D-town. (Was that trash-talking? I think I might have just run my mouth a little. Am. So. Devious.)

The highlight of the game for Southwest and I was watching three bats shatter. Of course I failed to capture the moments as they happened.

Okay, this stadium scene exits for one thing: look at the speedometer clocking the pitcher. Pretty. It read 100 most of the time, but, again with the laziness, I missed it.

The fast pitcher in question: Joel Zumaya. Beautiful arm, that one.

Aw, the Bonsai boys! Watch them scurry. It's only Zen from a distance.

Pretty form. In case you were wondering, we went to the second game of the season, not actually Opening Day. Apparently the grass painters thought that was too much work to cover up for accuracy.

Fin. Though I may not love me some baseball, I love me some hanging out, and it was worth freezing to watch the Tigers bring it. Thanks to Gerkin for the idea, Southwest for the conversation and commisseration, and Mr. T and Hubster for the non-stop one-liners and snackies. Advance thanks to my pillow, y'all, I am OUT.


Jackscolon said...

I feel that this is the first year I can actively root for the Tigers. I wanted to last year, but felt that playing the "I'm from Michigan" card and jumping on the bandwagon was not an option. So this year, I'm going to root for them as much as possible, if you can do that without watching any games, going to any games, knowing who plays for them, knowing their record, or wearing any merchandise. However, I will chime in with a "How 'bout them Tigers?" if baseball ever comes up in a conversation I'm involved in.

Mair said...

I love baseball games!!