Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Cop-out Post of the Week

I just spent my entire evening outside, freezing my butt off at Camden Yards. The Tigers BEAT the Orioles, YAY, but the cold beat me down. I got some interesting snaps. I'll process them tomorrow. With my kit lens, I didn't have the telephoto capabilities the situation required, but we'll see what some RAW, Photoshop, and elbow grease can yield. Until then, enjoy some snaps from the cherry trees currently lining my street. Nighty-night!

Fun with the Lab color boost. This picture wasn't really appropriate for the trick, but it sure was fun! Those colors make me think of one of my junkfood weaknesses - mmmm, cotton candy.

Detail is so much easier to capture when your subject is not a restless cat.

Why, oh why must they bloom for so little of the year?

Underexposed, but still pretty.

One more for the road.

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