Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Why read when you can hear about the movies I've seen?

I just went out to a movie with my husband, so I guess it's time to talk about recent movies I've seen and whether they are any good. In order now, from the crappy to the fabulous, I present my experiences with movies.

Music and Lyrics: Have you seen the trailer? Well, it tells you everything there is to know about this romantic comedy which was disappointingly formulaic. Drew Barrymore can be quite charming, but she is constantly doing these roles and I just want to airlift her out of this movie and into something good. I mean, the first few minutes of the movie feature a faux-80s band video which is PURE GENIUS. The end credits were also awesome. The middle? Not so much. It had its moments, a few quotable lines, and that's about it. No offense to those that liked it; I just felt like I'd rather be watching something better.

Talladega Nights: I was fully prepared to "not get" this movie and decide I didn't like it. I mean, lots of my friends loved Anchorman and I didn't enjoy more than a few lines of it. Really, Will Ferrell is not a sure bet for me, but this movie was pretty darn hilarious. Yes, I waited till it hit DVD, but it was worth the rental for the laughs and good lines like this one: "I wake up in the morning I piss excellence." Indeed you did, at least for this one, Ferrell.

Children of Men: Futuristic movies are always tough. The production designers either go Aeon Flux and make it crazy weird-looking or . . . well, they usually go nuts. This movie was amazing partially because though it was set 20 years in the future, and the world was going to Hades in a handbasket, it still looked and felt real. It was beautiful, sometimes so moving I cried, mostly it was an interesting foray into out culture and what ends it might reach. Also, it was beautifully filmed - long shots are so complicated and they had several. Kudos to them, and kudos to those of you who decide to watch it. Well worth a rental.

Shaun of the Dead: Sweet fancy Moses! I've never seen a zombie movie before, and I'm sure I would have been on the floor laughing had I seen them, but frankly, I know all the leitmotifs because they're such a part of pop culture. This movie is an entry in the genre, a funny homage, a delight. Loves it!

Hot Fuzz: The movie which Hubster and I just saw, created by the people behind Shaun, and it was fabulous! Growing up with brothers and tons of male friends, I've seen my fair share of action movies. Again, it's an action movie which ratchets the cheese factor. If this trailer strikes your fancy, you just might be Hot Fuzz material.

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