Sunday, April 22, 2007

New Mexican Carpet Report

So, the conference went well. Got to hang out with Jefe and we did some fun stuff like eat here, here and here - (try the margaritas at El Pinto, the Shrimp and Cheese Fondue at Landry's, and ice-cream filled sopapillas at the Church Street Cafe, respectively). Also, we tried a delicious local wine, a Sangiovese from Black Mesa Winery (site under construction, meanwhile, try this) at the Church Street Cafe in Old Town Albuquerque. Delicious, especially with all the great salsas we were consuming. We also visited Petroglyph National Monument where I took entirely too many pictures. I still have to process them, but I should be posting them soon.

But enough about that, you want the State of the Carpet address, and let me just say, for a megachurch that's already a few years old, their carpet looks pretty fresh. Is it worth avoiding the water damage from all those crazy homeschoolers? Not a chance. But still, kudos on the well-preserved digs; just try not to dehydrate an entire people group over it, mmmkay?

More tomorrow. I've finished a bunch of books that I've said nothing about yet, and I'm also backlogged on movies, as well as the promised petroglyph images and I should soon finish my dress so hopefully I should have lots to say this week.

Until Then,
I Remain,
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