Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Le Crank Le y

Tomorrow, I have an early flight out to New Mexico. I've never been, and that's exciting, but I'm waking up at 4am, and THAT, my friends, is why I'm so cranky about being awake at 11pm. It's not because I'm preternaturally old or anything. Although I DO clip coupons. Whatever, the reason I'm up is because I got THIS close to the final stage of the dress I'm working on, and then I proceeded to make mistakes all over the place and get all nice and cozy with my seam ripper. By the time I'd fixed the problems I caused by my carelessness, I didn't have time to assemble the shirt, hem it, and sew it to the (complicated, but finally completed) bodice. I comfort myself that if I were staying up to finish the whole shebang, we'd be well into all-nighter territory and I AM too old for that. Single tear.

Did I mention this was the convention which allows absolutely NO beverages or snacks of any kind throughout the day? They noted that you could have bottled water IF YOU PROVIDE A MEDICAL EXCEPTION NOTICE. Their carpet must be made of the downy feathers of extinct geese, lovingly fabricated by the hands of the poorest peoples of the Himalayas, and festooned with 24K gold paint by their art prodigies, in short, this carpet better freakin' WALK FOR ME if I can't carry a Nalgene into the building. And we say TSA restrictions are tough!

Anyway, blah blah I'm be gone for the rest of the week, blah blah I'll take pictures, blah blah I'll miss you too. Nighty-night!


laura said...

i visisted new mexico last week. it's very, very flat. and dry. and flat. but it was kind of beautiful in it's own sepia-toned sort of way. and if you are anywhere close to carlsbad, it's worth the trip to see the caverns. (the purpose of this excursion was to meet my boyfriend's 91 year old great-grandmother, whose main question, posed to me at the top of her voice in the middle of a combination chinese/mexican restaurant, was "are you a baptist?!?")

Sarah said...

No WATER?!? I would be STRONGLY tempted to flout that rule JUST BECAUSE (it's stupid).

At the very least, I'd be VERY certain to mash some chapstick into the carpet.