Monday, March 21, 2005

Ocean Breeze Soap will get you clean!

I am not an athlete. I have not been mistaken for one by anyone I have ever known/met. I like being inside most of the time, or if I am outside, I like doing things that are interchangeable with being inside, such as reading, talking, looking around, and breathing - even if the air is better out on God's green earth.

I exercise infrequently these days, both because I am lazy and because I dislike exercising on the whole. I enjoy yoga, but sometimes I'm just not in the mood for it. It's tough, however, to keep a figure without some effort, particularly when you like flan as much as I do. So I go to the fitness center. And I attempt not to hate exercise.

But I do love showering after exercising. I used to trek over to the GCC Fitness Room a couple of times a week with my suitemate and, since most of the school year was spent in the cold of PA, we would freeze on the way out but love every minute of the refreshing walk back from our exertions, just in time to freeze again while showering. Now, the fitness room is 50ft away, so when I return, I'm still too hot and I can climb in the lukewarm water and it feels fabulous. I grew up taking showers when my family home was roughly 60º, so I'm too used to thinking of hot water as the only thing standing between me and hypothermia. Ah, but when I get back from working out, it's just refreshing, without the pesky emphasis on heat transference. This, of course, works wonders for shaving one's legs - no more goosebumps and whole-sale skin removal! Sing it, ladies!

So, to parody a beloved childhood movie (yeah, Muppets!) "Showering After Exercising - it's like taking a swim, only there's no pool, you don't really go anywhere, and your little brother isn't splashing you in the face!"


Mair said...

Oh the misery of goosebumps while shaving. That's precisely why I hardly ever shaved at good old GCC. haha. (Pants are a great thing - glad I live in the days of feminine liberation!) I still haven't quite escaped the problem, however, since our shower has an old, drafty window right there inside. As our dear friend Uhle exclaimed upon visit a few months ago, "When it comes to pedestrian/shower-er interaction, your shower scores a 10!!" haha!!!

Moi said...

At least you bathe ...