Monday, June 27, 2005

and it goes something like this . . .

I did it. I went to my first counseling session. I was worried about "explaining" myself, giving the ole song and dance, but I did it. The counselor was very nice, had a good sense of humor, and was most likely a Christian. He didn't think I needed to be on meds (yay!), and he gave me some ideas for little things to do that might get my mind going in the right direction. Most of them, incidentally, had nothing to do with mental exercises. Basically, he said to get my can out the door and start doing some of the things I've been afraid to try. Except he said it sweetly, without referring to my buttocks in any way whatsoever. We'll see how this goes. I see him again in two weeks, hopefully not to get the psychological stink-eye for avoiding my homework.

We were talking about how much change I undertook between graduating college, leaving home to get married, moving to a new place, and GETTIN' HITCHED. He said it was only natural for emotions to be delayed because the events (while they were happening) were too immediate and consuming to allow me to process, and now that life is more routine, I'm processing the heck out of them. Then he asked me what the best thing about my life was. Now, I never have just one thought like this - it's always five thoughts practically all at once and then I'm weighing and testing each before blurting out the wrong one. Heh! But my first thought was "K." For as much as the first year is the hardest, we seem to have weathered it fairly well if, at that magic One Year mark, it's such a highlight of my life. Bravo, K! You get the Gold Star of Keeping Your Wife Sane.

So, I should go. I have some errands to run. Yes, they're related to company work - SHEESH.

Oh, and hello to all the people in the following countries (I'm sure it's just one each but WHATEVER NAY-SAYERS and PEOPLE WHO LIKE BEING FACTUAL) who visited my blog last Friday and shattered all my previous stats records. I love you all. *SMOOCH*


Neil said...
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Mair said...

I'm glad you went. Sounds like you found someone good. I've been praying for you. We'll have to talk soon. We go too far between chats. Love you lots!!