Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Some Firsts.

1. First day taking Persephone outside. We tried doing this earlier when we bought the hot-pink harness for her in the first place, but she just lay in the hallway by our door, trying to bat at the string we used as a leash. NOT so successful. This time, we carried her down to the park behind the complex and set her down. Walking on the grass was hilarious - she kept sorta squatting on the ground as she moved. She was VERY LEERY of this "Outside" stuff. We let her look around (mostly from her spot lying on the ground), walk around just the tiniest bit, and then we went home. It probably lasted all of 30 minutes. We've got to get her able to handle it all. We're hoping to take her on vacation to the Cape and that's too long a drive for her to hold it. We'll see how THAT goes.

2. First shot at making smoothies. We just felt like having them last night, so we thought we'd wing it. Bananas, ice, and low-cal ice cream never tasted so good. We're PROS. Pros, I say!

3. First use of our central air for the summer. It's officially decided to be HOT around here (and elsewhere in the country, my sources tell me) JUST THIS WEEK. Yesterday we nearly sweated all our water fat clean off. We decided that the time had come. Aaaah. So nice and cool now. We actually hadn't been using our heat for probably two months or more, either, so YAY for saving money! :-D

4. First snub by my parents. We called them for their b-days, left a message, and waited for a reply. We decided to take matters into our own hands and call THEM last night, and they were, apparently, TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL. We feel low.

5. First tweak to my template since I put it up over a month ago. Wowsers. I can't believe I waited this long. This is the girl who must change her desktop every few days or risk EXTREME UN-PRODUCTIVITY until it's new and shiny and OOOOO, PRETTY COLORS. Enjoy the new background pattern. Heh - not like you noticed.

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