Thursday, June 09, 2005


As my husband and I traipse your showroom with care,
We observe that your products are stunning and spare.
Atop that fine table, and next to that closet,
We envision which vase, book, or lamp to deposit.
Our feet now grow tired, but spirits are high
When a perfect TV stand my little eyes spy.
I ogle its finish of cherry with pewter
The shelves and glass door simply could not be cuter.
In it's ample spaces our stuff would go nicely,
With places for all electronics concisely.
The design and the color, so hot that they smoke,
Are tempting a gamble to just go for broke.
We steel our convictions against the fell blow,
And turn over the price tag to see what we'd owe.
One hundred and thirty-nine dollars it says,
Hallelujahs in chorus leap into our heads.
For this humble value, we'll spring without doubt,
And watch our new unit till we're just as stout.

Happy New TV Stand Day!


lvs said...

And I thought my Erica's Wedding Poem was awesome, but - really - yours about the TV stand beats everything I've ever written. Maybe you should be the writer. I'll go work at Starbucks or something. Miss you! :-)

Don Quixote said...

Are you going to have a day for every new bit of furniture you get? "Couch Day," "TV Stand Day," what's next, "Little Man to Hold My Drink Day"?

E.A.P said...

To lvs, NOTHING could equal the brilliance of "Erica's Wedding Poem." Seriously, it was genius.

To don quixote, I was thinking of repopulating the calendar with holidays I actually enjoy celebrating. Except for Talk Like a Pirate Day. It stays.