Friday, June 03, 2005

Scrumptious, Serendipitous Syracuse

The conference is going alright so far. We had hours on Thursday night - NOT GOOD. But today was llooooonnnnggggg. I mean painfully so. Ten hours of talky, selly, talky, no sleepy. When 7 o'clock finally came, it was tough to think of anything but food. C randomly found a brochure of restaurants in and around Syracuse, and we looked at it because, though we knew we could always head back to this nice mall we hit up last night, we were in the mood for something different. We saw a bunch listed in something they called "Armory Square," so we decided to go where the restaurants were. We found it through directions from the hotel and there were places to eat EVERYWHERE.

We settled on Pastabilities, admittedly because of the name. They had the most marvelous spicy tomato oil for dipping your bread. We almost regretted ordering the Thai lettuce wrap appetizer because we want to eat and eat and eat all that yummy, bready, tomato-y goodness. After eating, we felt stuffed and wanted to wander and settle our stomachs. We ran SMACK DAB into an annual festival called the Taste of Syracause. So crazy! Hello, FOOOOOOD, but then there's the street merchants. I got an amber pendant on a chain for $10. TEN DOLLARS!!!! It's a pretty good-sized chunk, too. Yay for bargain amber!

So we finally picked one of the twenty billion delicious-looking chocolatey shops and I got THREE chocolate-dipped strawberries and some more rambling. Just thinking back to that lovely bit of sweet berry cocoa . . . "la vida es sueno."


Mair said...

First, the only thing better than chocolate covered espresso beans are chocolate covered strawberries!!!!!! Secondly, Syracuse is a really cool city. A few summers ago, while visiting my sister, we headed downtown and found out that there is a fountain you are actually allowed to frolic in! It was so much fun!!! It was night time, but there were still all kinds of people there in swimsuits and stuff. We just rolled up our pants and hopped right in!

E.A.P said...

Yeah, we saw that fountain, and there was this adorable girl playing in it. We didn't realize it was allowed, but she was so cute, there was no way anyone was gonna spoil that moment. Lovely. :-D