Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Phones y Flores

Retina-searing Magnificence

I grew up with a father who was "The Anti-Phone." You know, like "The Anti-Drug" ads, except that my dad's specific concern was not narcotics but telephones. He thought excessive use was dangerous to health, social skills, and probably our spleens or something. I don't know the particulars; I just know that talking on the phone was for business purposes ONLY. Friendships were to be maintained with letters or visits IN PERSON. That's not all bad, but it would be pricey for me at this juncture. So last night I went on a "HA! Take THAT Upbringing!" spree. I called KD, Best Maid of Honor in Annals of History and resident of Kentucky, my family (and I talked to Dad, incidentally) in Michigan, and HF of the Awesome Bohemian Hair in Maryland. Recently I've also been talking to friends in Idaho, Indiana, Virginia, and more in Michigan. Where's Daddy's little girl now, HUH? I'm sure I did a lot of good things with my growing-up time that my peers were spending on rehashing into a receiver Jody Z's wretched vest and the rumors that Matt and Sarah were, in fact dating, even though Matt totally two-timed Sarah's best friend last year. [I actually MET UP with friends to do that sort of in-depth analysis.] It's just nice to have the freedom (and the cell phone minutes) to keep up with them.

Anyhow, the picture above was taken in my mini-garden. I planted those large impatiens with my mother when they visited back in early May. She reminded me that I hadn't posted any pictures of them yet, and she is right in making me share the wealth. I've been hit-and-miss with proper care, but such forgiving plants are they that they continue to bloom. I enjoy their vibrantly-colored little faces beeming up at me from my patio. I wish you could see the velvet texture of their petals, but the color is so bright, it obliterates it. Here's one instance in which calling me or reading my blog just won't substitute for a personal visit. Okay, Dad, I GIVE.


lvs said...

I think I probably fall on your father's side of the spectrum in terms of phone usage... which is probably why I haven't talked to KD or HF in a couple months. :-( I need to channel me some Erica and call their asses.

Beth said...

"Hello, Hannah? I'm calling for your ass, please. Is it available to chat?"

or, if you'd like to give a nod to the mid-90s work of Jim Carrey:
"ASS-cuse me, Kelsy, I'd like to ASS you a few questions..."

Yep. I amuse myself.

Mair said...

My opinion on the whole phone thing is, if it's the best we can do, do it with all your might! With that said, call me sometime!!! :o)

Mair said...

oh and P.S.

I never would've guessed your papa was so anti-phone from the adorable, wonderful, loving messages he used to leave on our answering machine junior year. :o)

Yax said...

Beth, if it makes you feel better, I was amused by that too.

Erica, that's a beautiful picture of the impatiens. I miss selling flowers as a summer job.

E.A.P said...

lvs & beth - let's keep it rated GCC, okay? ;) Miss you, suiteys!

mair - I totally agree that we don't talk enough and I want to call you right now. Unfortunately, I'm up late, and I'm sure YOU wouldn't about the call right now. ¿MaƱana? Also, my Dad loves his little girl too much NOT to talk on the horrid phone. But I'm sure he did some sort of Hail Mary alternative as soon as he hung up. ;)

yax - thanks for the compliment on the pic. I just realized the compresion on the JPG totally pixelated the bright petals. Oh, well, you obviously got the idea. I've just never had such blatant problems from that. And who wouldn't love having to stare at flowers all day for work. Although the heat in the nursery must be nice to avoid!