Wednesday, June 22, 2005

On the bright side, I stepped in poop today.

In my own home, no less! Percy decided to leave a poop on the carpet (although a tiny one) and I walked right through it. WITH BARE FEET. The horror. Meh, that's why we have paper towels and disinfectants and the like. Despite that, yesterday was a better day, and today was a good day, so hopefully there won't be too much more seriousness around here for a while.

Here's a quick list of the little things that keep me up currently:

1. "Fragrant night" is a poetic turn of phrase, but tonight, as I drove home from a whirlwind Target run, I actually used it. It smelled delicious out there. Where am I and where's my usual suburban funk? Nevermind, you can keep it.
2. The aforementioned Target run in which I acquired a hair straightener, Purell hand sanitzer (Hubster's been asking for that for weeks!), and a frame for our slammin' wedding portrait.
3. The hair straightener. I was leery of Conair's cheap price, but wow. WOW! It works quickly and splendidly. That alone should make today a red letter day!
4. Hubster's new game of choice, Battlefield 2, arrived in the mail today and he's still been very sweet and attentive this evening. The Man, the Marvel, the Good Gamer/Husband.
5. As I write, I am mere hours away from an alumni event at which I will tour the Capitol, snarf down some hors d'oeuvres, and see lots of college friends. Ooo, and for once I know what I'm doing with my hair . . .
6. I'm remembering this from Charlottesville, and it's just beautiful:

Lilies and serpentine walls on UVA Grounds


Beth said...

Erica, this entry is a delight. The title alone made me laugh. I wish I could join you, Keith, Berkey, &c. for tons of Manzullo fun tonight, but night class prevents me (at least I'm leaving class early to pick up my brother from the airport - yay!). Oh, and on another happy note, I get tons of Manzullo fun ALL WEEKEND! Wock!

E.A.P said...

Wock, indeed, friend. Enjoy your time with him! Thanks for the compliments. I'm still blushing. ;)