Thursday, June 16, 2005

And now for something completely different:

"A man with a stote through his head."

Sorry, K and I watch Monty Python, so we have those tidbits saved up. Anyhow, as you can see, my bundle o' bugs is up. And it is very different from my last layout. We'll see how this goes. Everything should work just fine, I'm just frustrated by some of the stylistic elements that refuse to change for me. Even K got roped into looking at the code (just last night, though - otherwise I did it all by myself like a big kid!) and HE couldn't figure out what's going on with it. We're going to work on it when I get back because WE HAVE TO BE SMARTER THAN THE MACHINE!

Speaking of getting back in the future tense, I'm leaving. It's my last conference of the season! (That gnashing of teeth you hear? The rest of my co-workers - heh) I'm going to this one with the current Coordinator. Should be good. I'm leaving Saturday night, however, once my duties have been discharged, and heading toward sweltering Charlottesville, VA to see my partner in blog, to dye my hair with her help, to eat A LOT, and to just hang out with her. Some work, some play makes Erica a happy girl!


Mair said...

sweltering is right...don't forget we don't have a/c. BUT the good news is, they are calling for highs of only 78 this weekend!!! I can't wait. It also might rain. Oh well. We'll still paint the town red. Do you need directions? If so, email my husband.

GP said...

Cool style on your blog!

Anonymous said...

Whilst you were away...

I spent about an hour reviewing your code and hacking around with the CSS when (much to my chagrin) I found the Problem-with-a-capital-P.

Congratulations are in order, I suppose, as we celebrate the first (of many) 'Code Gremlins' you shall have in your long and industrious career as a web developer. The gremlin is an elusive foe, usually discovered after hours of sifting and grepping and grokking until (in a flash of inspiration) you realize that you're missing ONE BLEEDING CHARACTER. (Actually, in this case it was two)

Lesson for the day:
In CSS, 'comments' are sections of text that are used to describe or clarify sections of code. Comments are rendered as plain text -- visible to the viewer only if they look at the source of your page. Comments (in CSS) are delimited at the start by '/*' (minus quotes) and at the end by '*/'. All text between these delimeters is considered a comment and does not effect the styling of the content. Your code had a comment opener, comment text, *no* comment closer, CSS code, a comment opener, comment text, and then a comment closer -- thus the entire section of CSS was effecting no change to your content.

Sorry for the tome; it's cathartic to vent after finding gremlins.

Hmmm...I know something *else* that might ease the frustration...
(Battlefield 2 music fades in)