Thursday, June 23, 2005

A smattering of things on a Thursday

None of which, mercifully, have anything to do with poop. Mira:

World War II Memorial

I just love these eagles. They're holding ribbons in their mouths that support a giant wreath of oak leaves. Honor, service, and birds bringing you things: Bravo, designer, bravo. Another hit in that memorial, the wall of stars representing thousands of casualties each. If you stand right in the center of it's semi-circular sweep, it's overwhelming. It helps to have the theme from "Band of Brothers" running through your mind, too. I wish I had time to hit it up tonight, but I think it'll be too late.

Also, I read this on lunch, and it was chortle-worthy. I just love Dan Kennedy.

Now, on with work and then TALLY HO, Capitol!

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