Sunday, June 19, 2005

Playing Dress Up

I feel like a little girl standing in giant high heels, staring in the mirror with admiration at Mom's smashing dress and sighing for things to come. I'm blogging on a Mac. Like a real designer or something. It's lovely, but it's also cruel because I'm such a Windows dork, doing all the wrong things, using short-cuts that don't work. Sigh. Someday. ;)

Anyhow, I'm at Mair's house. Take a look at a bit of what I've been doing, and then wait around for tomorrow's full recap.


Mair said...

Hey Babe,
Glad you made it home alright. It was so wonderful to have you here. I miss you already!

Listen, you may want to re-link to my site in this post, b/c your link takes you to my blog before we updated certain things. Not a huge deal - just fyi.

Talk to you soon!

Anonymous said...

hey erica -

did you and keith get the gcc alumni email about the capitol tour on thursday?

you should go. i'll be there. berkey will be there. exciting.


E.A.P said...

One step ahead of you Neil, me lad. We're DRIVING Berkey down there. We actually hadn't heard if you would be in attendance and are now THRILLED to discover it is to be so. One quick question: were we supposed to receive some kind of confirmation that we were all registered? I sent them my check but haven't really heard. Then again, I'm a worrier. ;)

Neil said...

i dont know

i found out about the tour from the email