Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Digging Deep In The Royal Grey Matter

I didn't post yesterday because I was too enamored of reading, and I thought today might follow the same fate, but then I remembered the mantra: When all else fails, be random.

So I have this short video in my mind - I am young, maybe six or eight, and I'm in the kitchen of one of my mom's friends. We're making candies together and I know they contain honey. Other kids run in and out of the kitchen, trying to steal a utensil with the batter on it, but I know I'm helping her so I don't swipe the bowl with my finger. We drop the batter onto wax paper sheets to cool into shape and when they're done, we scoop them up into bags and share them with the rest of the kids. The candies are brittle, I think, and they taste of all the honey we put in them. They're garnet-colored, rather than the amber you'd expect from so much honey, and I have no idea what else goes in them. I carry them around with us, staring at their pretty, semi-translucent shapes and savoring them slowly.

I have no context for this vision at all. I can't really see the other mom's face, although I think her hair is dark. I can't name the other kids. I've had this scrap in my mind for a long time, probably since age nine or ten, but I can't even tell you which language it was in - was it in English or castellano? It certainly makes sense for me to be communing with an adult rather than other children, but I can't really think of any candies made with honey of that description, and neither can my mother whom I've asked about this. Honestly, I have no idea whether this is dream or reality.

Do you have any similar scraps in your mind's eye?

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