Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Linking Wednesday

Phew, now that the "profound" post of the week is out the way, Frivolity is Job One, and I intend to do it!

1. THIS, this is genius. Television Without Pity snarks the worst Lifetime Movie EVER. Or the best, if you love camp. Either way, that thing is hilarious.

2. Photojojo - weird name, great site. I seem to have stumbled upon it rather late in the game, and I really should check it out more often because it's a great repository for shared knowledge on photo equipment, editing, and photo-related crafts for the non-pro. They don't assume you have some pricey camera and oodles of money to spend on framing. Check it out if you're low on inspiration and wall art.

3. Go to Eric Whitacre's MySpace Music site and listen to "Sleep" right now. DO IT. A couple of years ago, Hubster and I were in Michigan when my friend's choir performed it, and I walked out of that theatre transfixed. It's a GORGEOUS piece of music. Yes, I know there's the tough straight-tone singing to complete on those high soprano notes and that the dissonant chords are tougher to learn and sustain, but it all pales in comparison with how truly beautiful the music is. About minute 3, the chords and crescendos give me chills. Every single time. Oh, just break down and listen to it already. Give a nerd a break.

4. Speaking of nerds, you don't have to be one to enjoy this next bit. Occasionally Hubster and I catch Attack of the Show on G4 TV, and it depends on the day whether I enjoy it or I want to hurl something at the screen. It's TV for Nerds, but does that mean it has to adhere to all the usual cliches about women and nerds? However, despite the fact this was probably just so the fanboys could see her in costume, Olivia Munn as Wonder Woman is freakin' hilarious. I laughed so hard. And then I laughed at the outtakes. Well done, G4. Now stop making her listen to put up with all those creeps asking to get in her pants on the show, okay? Just stop.

That's all I've got for you.


RedHurt said...

Wow...that song is really good. REALLY good. I've never been into this kind of music before, but maybe I will be now, ok?

Also, I finished your books, but I'm trying to find something good to send back to you with it. I'm almost done with a really awesome king arthur that too much of a guy thing, or would you be interested?

E.A.P said...

Glad you enjoyed the tunes. His work is amazing, and it's so strange that he looks more like a rockstar than a choral composer. Hopefully, he'll keep writing more and more. The CD on which that performance appears is worth a listen. He did a long piece about David mourning for Absolam that so perfectly encapsulates the experience of grieving - the pacing and chords follow the sobs, the listless thoughts, the peaks of sorrow and the acceptance at the end - it's incredible. My friend in my church choir, whom I've dubbed "my dealer" let me borrow it, and the whole thing's worth hearing.

Oh, and bring on the Arthur! I've read "The Once and Future King," but not much else on those stories, and I like the story. If they don't weigh too much, please send them along. If they do, well, send me the author and I'll read them anyway.