Sunday, January 14, 2007

Mixed Bag

It's been a busy weekend. I've finished a book or two, made some awesome memo boards, and cleaned house a bit. I'm tired, though, so I'm not going to recount each gory detail. For once, brevity wins the day. The highlights:

Zadie Smith's On Beauty was great. I bought it on clearance at the used book store, and it was well worth buying. The light tone, the mix of dramatic tension and comedic relief were lovely. Good. I have some quotes I liked, but the book is two stories away from my current location, so maybe I'll post them later.

The memo boards are really looking good. I have two more to make (for a series for my bedroom decor) and I'm thinking of making an online tutorial for them. I found only one good source for info, and even it could use some expanding, I think. Meh, maybe not but I feel like making a tutorial! So there! Anyhow, maybe I'll do that later this week. I made two memo boards and my hand is killing me from trying to staple-gun everything perfectly. I'll develop a post so all my crafty (and not-so-crafty) peeps can do likewise. They're stylish and organizational - everyone wins!

And myself? I'm doing well. I got out for dinner with a friend in Bethesda, I hung out with Hubster, I managed to crawl out of bed for church today (despite initial signs that it was a no-go, OH MY GOSH SLEEEEEEEEEP), and I made a delicious stir-fry today. Also, 24 did not suck as hard as I feared it might.

But I was not particularly brief.

Win some/Lose some.


Mair said...

Hello! I've missed you...and am hopelessly behind in the blogging world. I would love to see your memo boards, and a tutorial of how to make them. I've been wanting one or two for our office. Maybe -- just maybe -- we can get together in the near future and make them TOGETHER! We've never really crafted together before, except for the top-notch engagement posters we made while at the Grove.

Hope to talk to you soon!

lvs said...

Amazing. I, too, read On Beauty this weekend and loved it. It appears we're on the same wave-length, still, somehow.


E.A.P said...

Mair - you're back! Yay! So glad you're well. Hopefully we can talk soon, once you've settled in to normal life again.

lvs - I picked up Smith because of the recommendations of other Grovers, so it's less surprising, but no less delightful to share experiences like this. Glad you liked it, too.