Sunday, January 21, 2007

Half of This Post Is Not Like the Other

This weekend was a lovely, much-needed break for me. I'm not sure why the week seemed so long, but it did. I didn't blog Thursday, but you didn't miss much. Plus, Wednesday's post was massive, so I figured I'd earned it.

The Tiny savors the bouquet of fresh catnip in her stuffed mouse cat-toy ornament. It is, indeed, the "good stuff." Momma hooked her up. Little looks on to make sure it passes muster.

Ha! My cat looks drunk! She might be high on the aforementioned "good stuff." So it's not so much funny as accurate. Nah, it's still funny. KITTY IS STONED, Y'ALL!

Friday night was just what the doctor ordered. Hubster and I met up with Mr. T and Southwest for dinner at the Starland Cafe. I had their fettuccine with tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and a garlic butter sauce. The sauce was lighter than it sounds, and it hit the spot. Afterward, guys and girls parted ways for sleepovers. Southwest and I planned on watching a movie but ended up talking the night away. She gave her self a manicure, discussing all the annoying wedding-plan crap going on in her life right now, and I had talked about body image, motivations, careers and my boy, because it wouldn't be a sleepover without that. I also offered to help her, remembering those awful, lonely days of programs and favors, and TULLE EVERYWHERE. I think she'll actually take me up on it, and if I lessen the load of just one bride-to-be friend, I'll have done nicely, I think. (Speaking of, she's the only local one of the bunch, despite the fact that I'm in two other weddings this year - yiiiikes!)

Is she practicing her hunting skills or trying to rip apart that catnip-stuffed mouse? We shall never know.

I was kinda worried about talking to her, actually. Planning my wedding coincided with my stressful senior year, the search for meaning in a potential career, loneliness, a wife-to-be identity crisis, and a whole lot of funks. It was mental-problem central between my depression and my obsessive channeling of all my disappointed energies into that one event. It sucked hard. I was worried that talking with her and helping her deal with it was going to bring all that up like some forgotten boogieman. Fortunately, it didn't. I've done most of my healing through dealing with the depression and setting aside that entire episode, however, it felt good to exorsize those demons. Okay, "good" is an exaggeration, but I appreciated the fact that those emotional memories had little power over me. It wasn't fun to remember, but it didn't hurt like it used to. Praise God for time healing all wounds. And also for good wine. I'm sure that helped keep the inhibition quotient at a relative low.

The cats love them some string. Hubster loves to tie them up and watch them squirm to get out. Hubster is an evil genius. An evil genius of HUMOR!

The Tiny has shuffled off the mortal coil. Little not so much.

We hit the hay around midnight because, though we were attempting an old-fashioned sleepover, we were also working adults at the end of a long week. (Southwest might also have apologized for painting her nails. That sound you hear are all my girlhood friends laughing their heads off. I mean, we all lost a few brain cells over the mountain of nail polish we carried with us through each hotel on the Civil War battlefield trip, but are we gonna apologize? We can't remember what we did wrong!) I slept like a brick, and still managed to sleep in until 9:45am. We got ready at a leisurely pace and then met up with the boys for coffee and muffins at Greenberry's Coffee & Tea Company. I've gotta say, there aren't many better ways to start a weekend morning.

CAT FIGHT! It's too bad I have so few pictures of them doing their territorial-animal thing.

Eventually we all parted ways and headed home - they to their wedding plan and we to our house full of high kitties. We putzed and got some stuff done. I checked out this meat market I'd heard was good for some cheap steaks (not so much, booooo). Hubster and I had a good conversation distilling some of what we'd both figured out over our little sleepovers (see, not totally frivolous). We had a quiet night in, and I read until I was too tired to stay awake, which I truly love to do. Once again I felt like a high-school kid. (NOTHING FROM THE PEANUT GALLERY.)

Today we went to church, ran some errands, and I bought some delicious hummus. I guess this weekend's mostly about the simple pleasures - good friends, good food, good conversation, good thought. I think we all need those. It's been a complicated month or so - a lot on my head, on my heart. It was nice to get away for a while.

Tiny loads a blow in the windpipe, and Little prepares her ears for the mighty swipe.


rachel said...

I, too, get freaked when I'm asked for "wedding advice." Basically, my wedding planning experience was one big nightmare with a lot of emotional crises thrown in the middle that I didn't talk about with anyone except Hans. Looking back, I sometimes wonder why on earth he stayed with me, because clearly I am a psycho.

I haven't had much distance from it yet, but it already seems like a bad dream from a long time ago. Funny how it works.

Anyway, we still need to do dinner (not to put all the pressure on you guys...we can totally meet somewhere if you don't feel like cooking). Life is finally slowing down for both of us, and hopefully for you too! Next time we're all free, let's make PLANS.

E.A.P said...

DUDE, I am so busted forgetting about our dinner plans. Email me some free dates! Seriously! We have a light schedule most weekend coming up. Then all Hades breaks out in March. Let's DO THIS THING.