Thursday, January 11, 2007

Picture Post: Detroit At Last

I've hemmed and hawed (how exactly does one spell that?) about how much to edit these, but at some point, I just have to post them. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, PHOTOSHOP. I'M THE BOSS, NOT YOU.

Ahem. To The D!

Joe Louis' Fist rocks the city.

The Renassiance Center, now GM headquarters.

Comerica Park takes a bite out of . . . passersby, I guess.

Detroit was once a patchwork of immigrant neighborhoods, many of which have changed along with the city. I'd never been to Corktown before. It's mostly an Irish area back in the day and has some cute shops and pubs left.

Michigan Central Station again.

The Fox Theatre's marquee is instantly recognizable. It spells the word "Fox" out in giant letters, which helps at least.

And finally to the images of "Detroit's Largest Art Object," the Art-Deco splash, the Fisher Building.

The city through the windows on the third floor.

Elevator doors have never looked so lovely.

Ceiling murals, as seen from the second-floor balconies.

Maybe I'll post more later, but these are my favorites, I think. Now it's bedtime.


Walter Hampel said...


Sorry that I didn't have the chance to say Hello when you were here in Detroit. The photos look great. You might have taken your picture of the General Motors building right in front of where I work (I work in a building just across the street from General Motors Headquarters).

Hope the visit went well.

Walt H.

E.A.P said...

Thanks, Walt. I'm sorry I missed you and your family, too. Oh, and I actually took that snap from the car, so I could have dashed over. Maybe next time I'm in town. Like next Thanksgiving. Grrr.