Monday, January 29, 2007

Picture Post: Manic Monday Edition

It's all cats today. But I've got some cute ones so hold on to your shabby caps, peasants.

But first, some uncuteness:

This is a decent petfeeder, but they still found ways to sneak kibbles. Hubster decided to get serious with his evasive action before the pets pack on pounds.

Although: Note to Petmate - the "Le Bistro" might be considered false advertising when the feed inside is most likely "meat matter" than, say, a filet mignon sandwich with basil aioli. I guess the ultimate consumer is too busy grooming his/her paws to sue. Still, thin ice, as far as I'm concerned.

Moving on: cuteness!

She seems to know that it's for scratching, but neither of our little deities really goes in for much of that, so she's repurposed it as a gym/cuddle bug. She does pull ups and hug maneuvers. How inventive.

The Tiny in her natural habitat: the sunlit living room floor. Hey, it's not my idea of paradise, but she's so happy she forgot to retract her tongue.

I'm getting a sugar buzz from this cuteness.

And now, another installment in our ongoing series: Putting Things Around Persephone's Body for Funsies, part 438. This week's material of choice: invisible picture wire (plastic) with a tensile strength of 50 lbs.


What if I bite it off? (Gnaws diligently)

Just stop laughing and take it off already. Oh, the humiliation.

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