Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Proud of My Pixels

I was looking over photos tonight, especially the Detroit ones because I owe you some here and because I owe a print to my uncle for driving us around. He also bought all the kids generous Starbucks gift certificates for Christmas, and we didn't have anything for him, so the 'rents and I thought we'd make a print of an image of his city and frame it all up for him. We thought he'd like that and wouldn't feel like we only did it to placate our own sense of guilt - he's not much for convention. I found this one, and for once, I felt like my eyes did not fail me.

Michigan Central Station waits for its second life.

I post a lot of pictures around here, but I feel like quite the novice behind the lens. I know so little about photography, really. I've gotten better with my nice new equipment, but I still fail to achieve the vision in pixels often enough. This image says a lot about Detroit, and though it looks helpless in one way, I hope the city will overcome and restore this beautiful old landmark to greatness.

For now, I'm just happy the pixels are poetic.

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