Monday, January 22, 2007

Lemme 'Splain

Pick yourself up off the floor where you fell when you came to the Fyf and it was all boring and neutral. It's appallingly un-regal - not just you on the floor but the current look of this blog. See, the new Blogger template options allow some pretty swanky features, and I'm exploring them right now. I should be able to remake this old thing in design whilst retaining all that lovely utility, but of course it'll take time. Until then, I'll be slummin' in this drab exterior and dreaming of COLOR.

One of the best features for my infrequent visitors is the "Older Posts" link at the bottom of the page. Rather than having to load the entire archive for the last month (and having to guess just how long ago you visited), you can load a small chunk of them at once and just catch up. Much easier! Also? I'm unnaturally in love with the new blogger archive widget on the sidebar. Intuitive! Neato!

Although I do miss my tapestry background. *sniff*

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