Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Unholy Giggles

This morning in church, the kids' choir sang a song I knew from elsewhere, and elsewhere that was not so much reverent as, well, not. I barely held it together. See, I knew it from my friend's post here, where Stephen Colbert sings it and performs an energetic jig. Oh, and this was being sung as I took communion. Somehow, I managed to let only a smile and a silent giggle escape. Fortunately, you can enjoy this without peril of eternal woe:

It's been a fun weekend, capping off with that little Sunday morning tidbit. Saturday night, Hans and Rachel came over for dinner. I made chicken marsala, which was delicious, and I enjoyed talking with Rachel a lot. She's going through The Year Of Change like I did a couple of years back - graduated, started working, planned and executed a wedding, became a wife, basically changed it all and is trying to keep it all together. She's posting about this brave new life so we get to enjoy her learning to cook posts, her learning to love exercise posts, and her learning to be married posts. She's weathering it fine, not that she needs me to tell her that (ha!) but in case y'all were wondering. We also share similar, less-than-spectacular college experiences, so comparing notes about the other side of college life was refreshing. The only person missing was Churro, her roommate and my Spanish buddy, who was sorely missed. Shoutout, M-dawg!

Most of the rest of the weekend was me catching the organization bug and going to town. I redid the kitchen "pantry" (college cube storage repurposed for can and flour storage - hott!), we hung up the much-mentioned memo boards, we scrubbed, tidied, vacuumed and made the house presentable. If it weren't so annoying to keep up, I bet we'd like living in this clean and organized place! Shoulda, woulda, coulda, huh?


Cap'n Ganch said...

That video clip is actually from the show Strangers With Candy, all three seasons of which I proudly own on DVD. In that episode, the main character (played by Amy Sedaris in unrecognizable ugly makeup) is captured and brainwashed by a cult. At the end of every show, there is always dancing. The clip above is the end of that show.

Ta Da.

E.A.P said...

Thanks for the background info, Cap'n. I noticed the copyright was 2000 (ha! noticing copyrights on YouTube videos - I'm hilarious!), and I realized then it couldn't be from the Colbert Report. I keep thinking Strangers with Candy was on in around the mid-90s or something, so I didn't even think it could be the source. This also accounts for the schoolroom background. I've got to rent those DVDs and watch the entire show. I think Hubster and I would love it.

Anonymous said...

Aww, the Churro feels so honored to be mentioned in a post again. I would have loved to be there too...Rachel told me she visited and I was muy jealous. I think I am soon entering my own personal wedding planning nightmare...ugh. I'll just keep relying on people like you and R to remind me that probably no one ever really enjoyed wedding planning, and no one was ever really on top of it, either.


Mair said...

I can't really relate to all this hating of wedding planning. My mom is the best organizer of everything and because I really didn't care that much about most of the details of my wedding so between the two of us, it was no biggie. I even let J. Morgan pick out our invitations! The key to having a stress-free wedding planning time is JUST STOP CARING. 5 minutes after you drive away from the wedding, none of it will matter.

der Panzerkardinal said...

Excellent, excellent, excellent. Before I found that video, I would have moved any hymnal editing board to strike that "music" from the repertoire. Now, I see that this little gem from the sacred literature can accompany the reverently executed liturgical dance to direct the faithful to contemplate the divine.

The church giggles are the worst, especially when you're supposed to be fostering an atmosphere of piety. Just last night, I had to play Mass for the Graduate Student Community Center. One of the lectors was of latin background with a wonderfully thick accent. This, coupled with his short and stout appearance, reminded me of the cruise director from last summer's graduation cruise, Jorge. Jorge's signature quote was, "I lo' him/her."

And what other reading would appear in the lectionary for this particular weekend than 1 Cor. 13, where the word "love" occurs about 50 times, conservative estimate. My tongue was bleeding to keep from laughing.

rachel said...

Not mentioned here is the 3-4 hours that Hans and K spent banging on bongos and calling it a video game.

Boys. Sigh.

Cap'n Ganch said...

You have DONKEY CONGA, Rach!?!?!

Awesome game.

Kokanut said...

Is that from Strangers with Candy??

Whop, I see Garrett already answered that in a comment. LOVE THAT SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!