Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Athletic - HA!

Proof that online quizzes are full of poo-poo.

E is for Earthy
R is for Rare
I is for Impressive
C is for Conservative
A is for Athletic

Now if only they weren't so addictive and fun. ;)


Mair said...

I must also say that your energetic, colorful blog is making my entire life (as represented on sociological imagination) seem dull in comparison. I should do something about that (when I'm done writing papers, that is.)

E.A.P said...

Take. It. Back. I LOVE sociological imagination! Totally and utterly! I check it religiously! I love you! You probably comment the most out of anyone and comments make my day!

But, uh, finishing your paper sounds like a pretty good idea. More time for online quizzies and NO GUILT. Huzzah!

lvs said...

The "D" in my name apparently means "Dainty"... I THINK NOT. All the same, you're right about the super fun nature of quizzies! Love and all.