Sunday, April 24, 2005

overheard on the way home from church

K: The preacher used the term "predilection!" You know how much I love that word?!
E: *knowing glance*
K: I mean, I've had my phases with "visigoth" and "filibuster," but I just keep coming back to "predilection."

Maybe you find that silly or vaguely disturbing. I married this man because I find it extremely adorable. You may all feel free to roll your eyes and laugh at me. I just thought I'd let you have that opportunity. :-D


FISHY said...


Mair said...

In the most platonic way possible, my affections for your husband have grown exponentially since that time freshman year when he clung to the bedpost for refuge. haha. Seriously, though, I think he is hilarious, which is only one on a long list of his virtues. I'm glad you married him. :o) I'm not rolling my eyes at you. Your adoration of him is entirely justified. :o)