Thursday, April 14, 2005

WARNING: Dangerous Levels of Nostalgia Detected!

How ever did South contain all that brilliance and whiteness!

Taken at Homecoming 2004, this picture still manages to make me smile and yearn for days past. Oh, sure, it would be more appropriate to use one from Suitemate Scrabble nights - never has such an innocent game sparked such provocative vocabulary stretching and intense chocolate consumption. I could use one from the Gala when we were dressed to the nines and smiling demurely. What about that picture of us wearing all of our Christmas gifts at once - including two sets of pajamas a piece? Ah, but as much as I would like to go back in time and pretend I'm still living in last-year's youth (and that I never sported a style that looked so odd and mullet-esque as the one above), I cannot. This picture reminds me that we now must consider going only six months between reunions as pretty darn good. *sigh*

So, on this day when I pack for a trip on which I will be seeing you all, I pay tribute to the suite (+ S!) that made my year.

And one more, because I miss her and I'll be seeing her there, too.

M and I with some books in the background. It's like we're back in our dorm room!


Mair said...

Awww...that's a cute picture of us. I remember once we were getting ready for the Crimson I think. It was sophomore year and we were upstairs in South ironing in that strange closet/room that had yellow walls. We looked forward to the day when we were "real" adults and sharing fun momentous times. So, thanks for paying photo tribute to the first time we hung out in one of our "real" adult abodes. *sniff, sniff* So touching...
Love you!

lvs said...

Seeing you this weekend was like... butter! Although we weren't ALL together again (sans Kelsy, sadly), and it didn't really see like old times, it was good to realize that friendships can still remain after the chaos that is college.

E.A.P said...

I couldn't agree more. Thanks so much for sharing your pictures and your life with me. I never knew what our friendship would look like after college, and I am so glad we're still enjoy each other's company. Otherwise, how can I claim to be your friend when you attain the status of Famous Writer & Intellect in a few years? ;) Snuggle the pooch for me and keep in touch.