Friday, April 22, 2005

New Look, New Reason to Ruin My F5 Button

If you're seeing purple, not green, then you might be as thunderstruck as I was when I first looked upon the majesty that is the new "Filosofia y Flores" look. It started with an image that most of you might recognize. Then there was a banner. Then a profile pic. Then all Tartarus broke loose and I was making matching icons and yelling for K.

Yes, friends, I'm far too proud of it. I hope it's still eminently usable for my tiny, but vital readership. I hope you all enjoy the new look. :-D

Some acknowledgements: I found the pattern background on Citrus Moon, a most excellent source for patterns. Easily Photoshop-able for maximum matching. The other essential was K, Master of All Computer Knowledge and Hotness. Many thanks for his patience with my constant nit-picking and design diva-ness. You rock, baby. And yes, I've noted the many, many points you've won throughout this endeavor in the ledger. If we keep using your computer/expertise for these sorts of things, there might be some new laser mice coming your way. I know you covet it; deny it not. ;)


Mair said...

I LOVE IT! And, I must say - you look absolutely stunning in your picture. My husband agrees.

My Precious said...

Is that really you? It doesn't look like you though.

But I like the backround though.

guacemily said...

Looks beautiful E! Love it.

Neil said...

looks great

Mair said...

One thing is...the "comments" and "post a comment" buttons are almost invisible. Anything you can do about that??? Otherwise, i really like the new look.