Thursday, April 21, 2005

Fun Math

(1) Person fixing some electrical problems in the apartment.
(2) People delivering our couch.
(1) Person caulking the counter to finish remodeling the kitchen.
(1) Person delivering some cheap shirts we ordered.
A WHOLE lot more strangers than I typically deal with in one day.

It's like the plot to some inspirational movie in which the quirky (usually cat-obsessed) hermit finds s/he can't shut out the world anymore and must learn to be comfortable in society. That's me in Finding Forrester!

Much as I usually love him, I think I would prefer being played by someone other than Sean Connery. I draw the line at the gruff voice and beard.

1 comment:

Mair said...

I see you being played by someone a little bit, I'll just say it...obnoxious! (i mean that in the most loving way possible). ;o)