Wednesday, April 20, 2005

things, in no particular order

1. I hate having a ton of little projects I want to get done because then I'm sure to forget one and be frustrated no matter how many others I get done. It's like the 99-sheep-never-lost vs. the 1-sheep-lost-then-found. Only not holy or in any way uplifting.

2. When Persephone plays with the Old Prospector, she often balls up and starts kicking at him with her back feet as she chomps him with her jaws. If you push on her back feet at this juncture, you can slide her all over the floor on her side because she pushes your hands away and ends up skidding away from you with the best perplexed face EVER. I have inflicted this upon her several times today alone.

3. I'm making paella for dinner tonight. I FREAKIN' LOVE paella.

4. Only I could manage to marry into a family in which having a discount on homeschool curricula is considered a selling point. Enjoy your new science course, G! I scored major points with your mum, so I had to do it. Nothing personal, okay?

5. The maintainence guy finally looked at the garbage disposal, light switch, and hall fixture that have been broken since we moved in. He also told me that ball of stuff I found in the garbage disposal and managed to get out in February was, in fact, dried paint from someone attempting to dispose of paint in the sink. WHAT, THROWING THE CAN AWAY WAS JUST TOO MUCH FOR YA? grrrrrrr.

6. Percy is totally into my monitor right now. GET A ROOM! Seriously, she luxuriates on it for hours daily. What will happen when I finally get my flat panel? No more snuggling with the vents for you, Kitten-Cat.

7. Tomorrow, the much-anticipated sequel to last month's Happy Couch Day! opens in the P household. Couch Day II - The Final Delivery is sure to continue the style and comfort of the original. Stop by for a visit and see it for yourself, or just aim an ear in our direction to hear our coos of excitement for the next week. La-Z-boy - you ROCK!


Plankiest said...

Ameri-Child-you rock! You have the funnest things to say. Please go read my blogs now. :)

Mair said...

When Moses does the back feet kick thing, I call it, "Jack-rabbiting".

I thought I was living in luxury when we got ONE couch. I can't even imagine the kind of life you must live...TWO couches in one apartment is just too much. Since it's roughly 90 degrees in C-ville today (yes, it is only APRIL!) I am longing for the day when we will have air conditioning (June 24th, here we come!)