Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Close Your Blinds, Ye Who Work From Home

Remember that time when I said that I was glad not to have a flowering tree outside my window for the sake of my productivity?

I am so in trouble.


Mair said...

Not only is that a beautiful tree, it is an amazing photograph. Nice work. I'm sorry that the flowering tree hinders your progress. I sympathize, my dear. You see, I hauled my butt to Starbucks this morning to work on my paper...but FREE WIRELESS INTERNET has hindered my progress (as evidenced by the fact that I'm commenting on your blog rather than writing about transracial adoption and assimilation.) Actually, I've made a fair degree of progress considering I was up too late last night and am having trouble keeping my eyes open right now. (Four completely new pages is good progress, right???)

Oh...and you posting fun little internet quiz things is not helping my progress either....

Plankiest said...

Oh no! Must pull away from tree, and then must pull away from your blogspot.

I am not doing nearly enough work to be here playing.

Hmm, did that make any sense?

Okay, am leaving now. No seriously, don't try to stop me. Really. Bye.

J. Morgan Caler said...

I wouldn't worry about it: I work in a basement and I still don't do any work.