Wednesday, April 13, 2005

I want to be more like my cat.

Usually when you hear the phrase that appears in the subject line of this post, it is associated with other phrases like "because she lazes around the house all day and does absolutely nothing," or "because she is only as friendly as she wants to be and feels no compunction to talk to anyone she doesn't want to and OH MY GOSH, CREEPY STORE CLERK, STOP FLIRTING WITH ME!!!!" Or variations on the theme.

Persephone seems to be the exception, not the rule in this case. Ever since we came home, she's been purring when she didn't purr before this weekend. She purrs when we give her food and pet her back as she eats (purring and eating - what skill!). She purrs when we break from play to stroke her back and praise her for smacking the Old Prospector up and down the living room floor. She purrs when she wanders near me, yowling about something, and I reach down to scratch the side of her face and her back. I haven't even done what she wants, but she's purring! It's as though she's finally decided she loves being around us. Maybe she just thought we were really gone this past weekend and she's still happy to see we're sticking around. I find that last idea highly unlikely. It's elephants who are associated with long memories, not cats, and with good reason. Percy can't remember that I JUST GAVE YOU FOOD, YOU HAIR-BRAIN, AND YOUR HUMAN-BABYISH YOWLINGS AREN'T MAKING IT DISAPPEAR, SO JUST EAT ALREADY! Whatever the case may be, I should be more appreciative of my loved ones and more expressive about my appreciation.

So, along with exercising, reading, and drinking water more regularly, I will add the goal of enjoying the people I love more.

Okay, so maybe I envy the napping thing a little.


Goober said...

Lol at your blog.

Cute pic.

Mair said...

Is it just the angle, or does Percy have HUGE feet????

sbp said...

Rica, I just love you. :)

And speaking of adorable animals, I can have a cat now!!!

E.A.P said...

mair - it's the angle, but DANG if she doesn't appear to have huge feet. I love my little Rabbit-Kangaroo-Cat. So precious! So mutant!

Also, thanks for your comments gracie and sbp. I so enjoy reading them. :-D