Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Ciao, bella!

Funny thing: yesterday I had to restrain from posting every other hour; today I can't complete one good post. "What a difference a day makes . . ." (That line can only ever sound like a husky alto since I saw Bob Kelso enter Sacred Heart the day after his anniversary to the sounds of that amazing voice. Dude, I love Scrubs!)

Tomorrow I head out for Conference NĂºmero Dos of the season. Today was taken up with work and occasional breaks to switch out laundry loads and gather packing supplies. I also received The Conference Kit - the huge, 65-lb suitcase that will accompany me throughout my journey and back home, since I'll need to have one when I take over coordinator duties. I'm gonna come back with arms like a certain California governor. :-/

I don't know if I'll have access to a computer while I'm away, much less whether I'll feel like writing or just crawling into my hotel bed and zoning on whatever cable can offer the business traveler. This is gonna be a learning experience and a half.

Tonight I'll finish packing, hold my cat too close, make K tell me he loves me 867.3 times, and sleep fitfully. Pray for moi and any airline personel who might have to inform me that there's a problem of any kind.


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I'm going to marry Dr. Cox ...