Tuesday, March 08, 2005

out of the frying pan . . .

My diva-of-a-uterus was paining me on and off this morning and now I know why. I guess I'm not yet done feeling terrible. Praise God I was born in the age of pain-killers, and pass me the little blue pills! This also explains why the neurons weren't exactly firing at peak capacity yesterday. But, though soothing medicines and the knowledge that I'm not crazier than usual are nice, they're just not doing it for me today.

In other news (and every man reading this perks up and shakes off the cold sweats he was experiencing throughout the first paragraph), it's decided to snow today even though yesterday it was 60 degrees and sunny. How grand. At least I can stay in and have some tea and watch my cat watch the world through the window. And work, too, since I now have a few tasks and some online PhotoShop training to keep me busy. I'm glad to have Chopin and Rachmaninoff to keep my day moving in a lyrical direction.

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lvs said...

You smack that bitch of a uterus and tell it who's boss. Glad to hear nothing's changed. You enjoy the snow; I'll enjoy the wind.