Wednesday, March 30, 2005

wandering wild in Michigan

Sure, getting to MI involved runway-back-ups, the most turbulent flight I've ever been on (no beverage service possible - oy!), and delays, but being here has been lovely. Monday evening I hung out with the fam and did the usual non-stop chatter thing. Yesterday morning I talked with my Dad and J before they left for work, ate breakfast with Mum and then talked to P once they'd all gone out for stuff. He doesn't always unhinge for serious topics, but being in the Army and having limited face-time with us has made him much more open when we're together. It was good to hear how well he's doing and to talk to him about decisions he's having to make. I feel so uninvolved with my family at times, that it's nice when I can be involved in key phases in their life. I'm working on not taking all that for granted.

Then last night, my dear friend E picked me up and we met up with the one and only R. We had magnificent tiramisu, walked around Birmingham a long time, and then stopped off for a birthday beverage with E. I was glad to be around for that. Any excuse to stay out longer and talk some more. :-) We also took a couple of pictures, so I'll have to post those when I get home.

Tonight should be a blast. Dad and Mom are cooking up something yummy and we're just going to eat and talk and be a boistrous family and that, in itself, will make my month. It's not like I feel that "I can't live without my family anymore, the pain, the pain!" but I do miss the loud dinner table, the jokes and the support. They're genuinely great people individually and our rapport with each other has matured into something I wish I could more than once a year. Hmm, I guess I should just be grateful that I have such a great family and that I do get spend time with them right now and leave the demands for the future aside for now. Carpe familiam! . . . or something.

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