Monday, March 14, 2005

raindrops on roses and whisker on kittens . . .

It was a goodly weekend after all. Friday night K and I hit up Panera Bread and had a scrumtrulescent dinner. Then we sat and read and I got one of their yummy pasteries. mmm. I was so happy. It was also fun to people watch. I love seeing Hickish-looking folk at gourmet places like that. Their Nascar hats and sky-blue leggings look so out of place with the jazz music and the arugula lettuce on their plates. But hey, hats off to them for their taste in field greens! :-D

Saturday we woke up late, tidied up the casa, hung around and did not much of anything. Then we met up with Mr. T (Formerly just "T," but I think I'll refer to him as that from now on - how amusing!) for dinner in Bestheda. We had the nicest waitress who let us work the system on the purchase of cheap, yummy tacos and I tried a margarita (verdict: good, but not my favorite drink in the world). Then we walked around and sat for another spell to talk and drink Amber Boch in "The Barking Dog" tavern. It was a nice, casual evening.

Sunday morning I went to church alone cause hubby couldn't make it. The message was good, and I got so comfortable as to light a candle during communion and sing a little louder. :-) At the end, they announced that there was a luncheon for "young adults" and I decided to show up. I met some really nice people, including one girl I immediately recognized as a former Grover. It was actually odd how many random connections the people with whom I sat had. We had several graphic artists/marketing people. One guy's college best friend was another girl's high school best friend. One guy had gone to Regent Seminary in British Columbia and so did my aunt. It was bizarre-o. I love it when that stuff happens. Whether you think it's God, gods or Fate, it certainly is an appealing idea to the human mind that we never know when someone connected to us will wander across our paths for a purpose.

Later on in the evening we watched the new Arrested Development episode (Motherboy - ha!) and we played with the cat. She's big on this one toy we bought her: a foot-long stick with an elastic string attaching it to a feather-covered, mouse-looking thing on the end. She's ripped most of the colorful long feathers off by now, but the mouse remains. Oh, and it has a tiny bell attached to the mouse. I swear she must just chase it to make the ringing stop! She'll leap into the air and catch it two feet off the ground. She'll chase it in a circle and intercept it at last. She'll jump anywhere, heedless of stability or comfort just to snatch it. She's hilarious! She's constantly yowling for us to play with her, wandering suggestively over to where I dropped it last. She's entertaining, but sometimes I think K may regret his firm criteria that it be a young cat for us to take it. Young cats have a lot of energy!

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Mair said...

Hey Babe,
Sounds like a lovely weekend. :o) Please tell K and the kitty that I said hello.
Miss you all!