Saturday, March 26, 2005

We believe in a Pre-emptive Strike Doctrine.

We lint roll the cat.

Seriously, we can't find the cat's brush and she's getting hair everywhere. So, when she was enjoying her special wet catfood, I worked her over a bit. If God had wanted us to be covered in fur, then He wouldn't have invented the Triple-Blade Venus Shaving System in Passion Pink!

After the nail trimming and Softpaw Claw cover application, I think she didn't even notice it. Heh-heh, she was more upset about having to hold still for those procedures than she was about the end results. Our cat has ADHD.

In other news, we've been having a wonderful, productive Easter weekend. Yes, WE were productive. *ahem* Your mouth is drooling while your jaw is on the floor, so let's, uh, get ahold of ourselves. Apparently it IS possible.



Mair said...

What do you think of the softpaws? I think they are such a cool invention. Moses has humongous paws...and he is very strong, so without them, he would be seriously dangerous when he starts doing that "aww..that feels so nice I am going to dig my claws into your leg" business. You know, how they knead you when you pet them??? Anyway...
I hope you had a nice Easter. I'm so excited to see you soon! Love you!

E.A.P said...

I like the softpaws, but I'm still working on application. The first batch I put on, I lost half of them by the end of the day. When I reapplied them, I only lost one. I think it just takes time to know how to put them on and how much glue to put in each little nailcap. Persephone wasn't really that bad without them (she's a 6lb-weakling - heehee), but it sure does help in the whole "stretching and digging into your pants" thing. And when my leather office chair was showing claw nicks, I decided to spare our future coachs and figure this whole thing out. I think it was a good decision. Plus, they make them in PINK - I'm so giving my kitty fashion sense!

Oh, and I can't wait to see you, too. It's been too long!