Wednesday, March 02, 2005

a quiet night

Last night K and I made a simple dinner and caught up on "24." I was worried about something early in the night, but after we talked about it, I felt much better. In fact, I felt happier than I have in months. I've always been an emotional person, and with growing up has come the realization that I can't connect to my life emotionally like I did when I was younger. Last night, I felt like I used to - content, glad to be there, wanting nothing altered or improved. The funny thing is that nothing important happened last night - we watched some TV, we talked, and we made some plans for getting a kitten (hopefully by the end of this week - :-D) and that was it. Maybe I've just been too much of a drama queen in the past few years - I've expected too much challenge/adventure in my life to be happy with a quiet existence. Oh, I'll never fully lose my Need for the New, but I don't have to fill it every day. Being gone last week and being busy made me realize that I needed peaceful pursuits. I've thought a once or twice that in a few years, I'll kick myself for having been unhappy when I had lazy evenings and less on my plate, but my petulant mind caste aside this chance to redeem the moment and moped some more. I guess last night I was just ready to see it at last for what it is- a good season.

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Mair said...

It was good to read your personal thoughts on this one. And I'm glad to see that you are discovering the joys of "peaceful pursuits". I'm also very glad to hear that you are going to be getting a kitty. Seriously - go shelter! I just found out that Moses was from the pound and I'm telling you he is the BEST cat you could ever imagine. But, maybe you'll find the second best. Don't buy ADOPT!!!
Love you!