Saturday, March 05, 2005

tea and sympathy

I hate waking up on the weekends just because your body is used to a schedule. It's even more frustrating because last night we went to bed late. I had this crossword puzzle that I started to care too much about (anyone know the feeling? - argh!) and K was playing Counter Strike with his cousin from Mass. It was actually quite amusing to hear them using their Nextels while playing.

(chirp)"Hey, you wanna quit this server and find another? These guys are team-killers."(beep)
(chirp)"Yeah, sure. Just let me die real quick."(beep)

Anyhow, I woke up at 7:30 and I tossed and turned a bit but finally got up a little while ago. I wanted to sleep longer, too, because Percy was sleeping on my stomach and she was so sleepy and kittenish and snuggly. I felt like the Mean Ole Monster getting up. But then I played with the string toy K made for her, and it was all good.

Now, on to my morning tea - well my mate (pronounced "MAH-te"). For the uninitiated, mate is practically the national beverage of Argentina and several other Latin/Central-American regions. You place a several tablespoons of it in a small cup-shaped object, often a dried-and-hollowed-out gourd, and you pour hot water and sugar (though that's optional) and then you drink it from a straw with a strainer on the end that prevents you from swallowing the leaves. More info on this site. All my blog readers get a free cultural education! Most of my friends have already gotten this education and they didn't have the benefit of skimming. muhahaha!

My mate, my cat, and perchance a book. It's not so bad being awake, after all. Enjoy your Saturday, everyone!


Gracie said...

Is that your cat's name is Percy?

E.A.P said...

We call her that for short. Her full name is Persephone. I bet she would love to hang out with you, too. We might bring her to family vacation, so you should meet her then at least. :-D

lvs said...

I love you, envy you, want to come visit you.