Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Meet Persephone

Today, we brought home a new friend. She's a six-month-old kitten rescued from certain doom at the pound by a vetenary assistant with a menagerie at her house. While K drove home, she yowled for a few minutes and eventually settled in to the bottom of the carrier, nuzzling her face against the fingers I thrust through the cage door. She's darling! She can be a cuddle-bug, but she's obviously still a kitten and she rarely stays on one thing for long. She did manage to take a short nap in the linen closet (see picture) where she hung out in the rags and carved out a sleeping spot and another brief nap on Hubster's lap as he sat at his computer. Yup, she's gonna fit in just fine!

Persephone takes an interest in a new toy

the rag shelf in the linen closet seems the perfect napping spot


Mair said...

I LOVE HER ALREADY!!! I'm so proud of you for rescuing her! She's so cute!! I hope you guys have fun with her. Hopefully I can meet her soon. :o)

Mair said...

Oh - I meant to advocate NOT declawing her. So inhumane and in Josh's words "It is a fundamentally unethical manipulation of the created order." Instead, we get Moses's claws covered with these things called "soft paws". They're plastic "casings" that are glued over the claw so that he can't scratch things up (like furniture or people!) Actually, we just took him to the vet today to get the new ones put on. If you want to know more...let me know.

E.A.P said...

I am solidly against declawing. Keith's heard of people doing it and the cat being fine, but I know people whose cats suddenly became grumpy, or aggressive or just total hermits because of the pain/psychological damage it does. I've never heard of "soft paws" but I should look into it. Send me a quick email, would ya? As soon as we get our good couch, we want to be prepared!

Gracie said...

It's sooo cute!!!! I can't wait to see it someday soon!!! And what does Keith think of this?

sbp said...

We've never declawed our cats, but we did adopt a crazy loveable stray who showed up at our house last Easter...and he came neutered and declawed. I don't know if I can blame his loopiness on the declawing, but he seems to do fine, although he comes off worst in tussles with the bigger and more aggressive Greubie.

I'm so glad you got a cat!!! I want one!!!