Friday, March 18, 2005

I can't resist a shiny object!

My mom works at Ann Taylor LOFT and she offered to help me get some great stuff on sale this week, so my husband endured a full 45 minutes of sitting in the accessories corner and watching me model things and analyzing how they look. One woman walked by and said "Wow, he's really patient! My fiance would never do that." Heh-heh. My man is much, much better than yours!

Anyhow, mom took the style numbers I sent her and bought everything. Unfortunately, it's sitting in Pontiac, MI and I am, well, not. Conveniently, my brother is in town from Korea, can't come to me, and I'm flying out to see him soon. Not so conveniently, this is happening around Easter. Poopy. I pine for you, Adorable Slouchy Sweater and Charming Floral-Print Shirt! Tell the Cute Cami and Sassy Sash Belt to hang on!!!

I have to coordinate the flights now and I must say it makes me feel like quite the jet setter to just pick up and go on a couple of weeks notice. Hopefully, not so long from now, I can chat with my brother in my new shirt AHEM - I mean old home.


sbp said...

I love my new LOFT clothes. I love my new LOFT clothes. I bought the melon twisty side-zip blouse and the pink button-down blouse and a pink tanktop and a lovely pink jacket.

After years of black and brown, I'm jumping into color like a monkey into a pile of poo.

Enjoy Easter with your wonderful family!!!

E.A.P said...

MEE TOOOOOO! I buy coral and salmon quite a bit. These new items are pale green and yellow. It makes me happy to dress so brightly. Also, conferences are held in large halls that are often cold (I'm been warned by my co-workers), so color will make me look Spring-like, even if I am bundled like an Eskimo!

P.S. Monkeys and piles o' poo - now that's chortle-worthy!

J. Morgan Caler said...

Damn, I would give anything to have a melon twisty side-zip blouse from the LOFT and a man as patient as K-Dawg... then I'd be set.