Sunday, March 06, 2005

bonding with our newest loved one

Aw! She shares his interests!

This was taken yesterday when Persephone climbed K's bookshelf and wandered around among the volumes for a while. She also spotted K's mouse moving on the screen today and proceeded to stalk it. If she had managed to pounce on his LCD, their friendship would have been summarily terminated, but showing some interest and causing no damage only cemented K's love for her.

Then today we had to skip church to go to a clinic for me. I had that cold last weekend, I got better in three days, and then yesterday I got sick again. This morning my throat felt . . . hmm, words . . . like Percy has used it for a scratching post? Like my tonsils had gotten sick of talking across the aisle of my throat? Meh, "craptastic" suffices under the circumstances. I wanted to make sure it wasn't strep or a flair up of Micoplasmic (sp?) viral pneumonia from my childhood. It wasn't - it was just a viral cold bent on harnessing my cells for mass production. Still, when I came home to lie down on the floor in the office, watch Arrested Development and die, Percy came over and curled up on my stomach and kept me company. What a babe!

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