Thursday, March 17, 2005

The cat is running wind sprints in my hallway again.

Persephone just started running up and down the hallway. I heard a crash (she probably ran into a box of some kind) and then she meowed at me from the doorway of the study as if to say, "See what I do when I'm alone? You should be playing with me - for my own safety, if nothing else!"

Cats with wounded pride. So amusing.


lvs said...

In my family, when a cat (or puppy) does that, we call it "having the rips."

Mair said...

Cats with wounded pride are indeed amusing. The other night, Moses tried to jump up onto our bed and didn't make it (did I mention that he weighs 17.5 pounds???) and when we laughed at him...he walked away and kept his back to us, even though we were calling his name. Poor guy, he was so embarrased. But, he got over it and made it on the second try. :o)