Tuesday, March 22, 2005

When visiting our home, watch out for EPG!

Aside from kitty being a little crazier/more fun than usual (more on that later), life is just blah right now. I AM NOT COMPLAINING, I am merely noting that this makes keeping a journal of my life the teensiest bit boring.

Last night our friend, JHB, Master Builder of All the Theatre Sets in World, came over for dinner and a drop off - beautiful nightstands that match the bed frame he made us! Oh, they're gorgeous, alright. Shiny, smooth and svelte. Now we can put our alarm clocks on something other than the floor and my chapstick won't roll under the bed anymore. yay for furniture!

Told you my life was boring to hear about.

At least the cat's been more amusing than ever. She showed signs of this behavior at the start, but lately she's stepped up the frequency of Enforced Parental Grooming (EPG). Apparently, K and E's showering regimen is not as strict as Persephone would like. She licks our hands/arms and, should we start pulling out of reach, she ferociously attacks us and closes her pointy little teeth around our flesh without biting down until we give our hands back and endure some more sandpaper-tongued cleansing. She'll even hold her adorable paws around our arms and pull us toward her waiting jaws and her very, very ticklish tongue. "My real mother would never have let me roam the alleys in such a filthy state! Come back here or the pinky's history!"

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CharlesPeirce said...

I don't think your life is boring. In fact, I down-right and straight-up enjoy reading about it.