Sunday, March 20, 2005

Jaleo - ¡Qué bárbaro!

Our friends N and J are getting married in about a month. J was out of town for a bridal shower, so N hung out with us alone on Saturday night. We just wanted to chat and eat good food, so I dropped a hint that a visit to Jaleo (a place I'd seen last week when we went to Bethesda) might be nice. This restaurant has another location in downtown DC and it apparently brough the tapas craze to the area single-handedly. Since I love all things new and exciting and I LOVE anything Iberian/Hispanic, I was all about it.

It was a marvelous place, although not that cheap, so beware. We split several different tapas amongst ourselves and I ordered Café con Leche and flan for dessert. Oh. My. Gosh. I love flan. I could go on and on about how yummy it is. Order it. Also, the food was authentically Spanish (from my limited knowledge at least) and their Sangria rocked, too. All in all, a fabulous place to eat, especially if you're looking for a snack rather than a full-scale meal.

We had a great time chatting and then we moved the party to the local Barnes & Nobles where we browsed and I found a book called Paella, Paella about Spanish cooking - yay! :-D The fun continues . . .

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