Wednesday, March 23, 2005

bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens ...

1. I listened to Keane while working out today and the fast/slow songs showed up at exactly the right times for my workout. And I even went on the elliptical runner and did that crazy Cardio Crosstrain Kicking Your Butt workout that changes things up with speeds and direction for pedaling. It was awesome!!!!
2. My husband is home from work and he is charming and funny and he smells good.
3. My cat is susceptible to manipulation from my funny husband who makes her do funny things.
4. I have yummy Subway dinner in my belly.
5. It's Wednesday and I will get to talk to my best friend again and will continue my diabolical plan to keep in touch with her.
6. I get Good Friday as a paid holiday (yay for working for a Christian company!) so tomorrow is the LAST DAY OF WORK FOR THE WEEK.
7. In about 4 days, I will walk into the loving arms of my parents/brothers and spend a couple of days seeing places and people I've missed, including two best friends who, let's face it, miss me horribly. (sigh) Who wouldn't?

That is the short list of things that are making me happy right now.

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Mair said...

Sounds like your life is just about cozy right now. Please greet your charming, funny husband for me, as well as your family when you see them. Have an enjoyable visit home!! Can't wait to see you at the next up-coming Grover wedding!! Love you!